picture of dancer with acrylic glass structure


Fusion between a game-machine and live dance-performance



The machine has a custom developed software that enables the audience to choose a performance. Through a coin insertion the program is initiated and the audience gets to choose between a selection of short dance choreographies, and is at the same time informed about the different themes of each piece.

danceOmatic - Jumping Islands

Upcoming tour in February and March 2023. We will visit Taiwan's remote islands with the tour called "danceOmatic - Jumping Islands"
DanceOmatic's playful approach appeals to children and young people, and is for many the first encounter with modern dance as performing art. Thus we maintain the original intention of sharing art and culture with remote places.

Map of Taiwan and Islands

Co-laboration between Taiwan and Denmark

The tour is coordinated by the Mai-Ti dance company based in the city of Xinying, Taiwan. The performers comes from the EU and from Taiwan.


Picture of Artistic director Martin
Picture of dancer Alex
Picture of dancer Meng-Yuan
Picture of dancer Zhi Ying
Zhi Ying


Mai-Ti Dance Company

Picture of Artistic director Martin
Picture of Artistic director Martin

Previous tour in

In 2019 we also performed danceOmatic in Taiwan. Watch a quick recap of the tour in this video ยป