picture of dancer with acrylic glass structure



Using different acrylic glass structures, the performance shows how to feel each other's bodies physically, without being in direct contact.

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360º performance

AKRYLARIUM is developed to be performed in a circular format. It will be experienced equally from all directions. The stageset is designed circular, supporting this format. Multible speakers are placed around the periphery of the circular stage

Graphical drawing by Joonas Riisalu, HAKK design
Picture of Artistic director Martin
Martin S. Kristensen
Artistic director

"During the covid-19 pandemic I experienced how touch, and thus partnering was put on hold. Educated a contemporary dancer, partnering as a dance form is close to my heart; the contact with another person's understanding of the body as well as the simple physical touch that follows is both inspiring and creative-idea-creating. It created a void in everyday life, and a skin hunger in me, that I think many people can relate to. Therefore I started to create a performance with the theme of skin hunger."

Music by sound agency

Take an audible sneak peek of the soundscape that surrounds the performance. AKRYLARIUM's sound track conveys the sound of skin hunger in a society that is stalling.
The sound agency unmute has also assured the ideal audio setup for the performance.

Stage Set by industrial designers

AKRYLARIUM's stage set is created by HAKK DESIGN utilising acrylic glass and steel. Its circular design makes it dynamic and thus energetic, while supporting the circular format.


Very first prototype

The first disc our designers made was made out of cardboard and two meter in diameter. The idea of a double disc wasn’t in play yet at this time.

Second prototype

Experimenting with the real material: acrylic glass. This double disc structure was two meters in diameter; actually bigger than the final one which is 195cm... Also, it didn't get any rubber edge, which made it practically impossible to see while reheasing.

Final structure

The biggest difference between this and the Second prototype is that you can seperated the back disc from the structure. Other specs are the rubber edge, thicker glass, and thicker metal structure.